IntegrativeECS – Portland

IntegrativeECS, by Compassion Center, is a 501(c)(3) public charity management services organization program that works with a variety of clinics and providers from all licensed specialties to promote better standards, a higher quality of life, more affordable and knowledgeable access to (Endo)Cannabinologists and state-program registrations for patients that are seeking therapeutic relief from medical cannabis.

Serving Northern Oregon and surrounding states, Compassion Center and IntegrativeECS – Portland provide comprehensive (Endo)Cannabinology and medical cannabis recommendations and management of patients’ endocannabinoid systems (ECS) to properly balance and optimize gut health/homeostasis.

IntegrativeECS Services are available to categorically complex, chronic and terminally ill patients, as well as providers, licensed medical facilities and other licensed healthcare establishments where legally and ethically permitted. Serving as a national hub for Compassion Center’s IntegrativeECS platform, fabulous Las Vegas, NV and IntegrativeECS – Las Vegas provide Nationally-focused support for IntegrativeECS and its partner-providers from a leading class telemedicine center, and mobile application, all backed by a leading-edge security suite, multi-layer firewall and redundant servers in a HIPAA certified server farm.

Responsibly reintegrating medical cannabis into mainstream healthcare for more than 20 years, nobody has more experience than the Compassion Center and IntegrativeECS in managing cannabinoid therapy, safety and medication integration, especially in regards to limiting dependency and/or substance abuse. Make an appointment today and learn what sets the Compassion Center and IntegrativeECS apart.